Frequently Asked Questions

Is pick-up and delivery free?

Yes, both pick-up and delivery are free.  We only pick-up and deliver for customers with a doorman (in Manhattan) or if you live within 4 blocks from our flagship location.

What are your days and hours of operation?

Flagship Store Hours Of Operation
Monday - Friday:  7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Saturday:  8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Toll-Free Number Hours Of Operation
Monday - Friday:  7:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Saturday:  8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Online Hours Of Operation
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is the turn-around time?

Normally, 2 working days (Monday through Saturday).  Same-day service is available, upon request, as long as we can have your clothing before 9:00am.

If I have a coupon, how do I redeem it?

If you have a coupon simply place your order by telephone or online and schedule a pick-up.  Then place your coupon inside the laundry bag that you send out.  We will apply the coupon value (discount) upon receiving it at the cleaning plant.  Of course if you drop off the clothes @ our flagship store, present the coupon there.

Can I schedule a pick-up for today?

Yes.  We pick up weekdays from 7:00am - 7:00pm and on Saturdays from 8:00am - 5:00pm.

What bag do I use for my first order?

You can place your laundry and/or dry cleaning in any bag (make sure to separate your dry cleaning items from your laundered items).  Once we clean your first order, we will deliver it in a personal laundry bag, with a nametag attached, that includes your address, phone number, and preferences.

Is there a minimum amount for a pick-up?


Can I change the address where you pick up and deliver?

Sure, but first check to see if your new address falls within our coverage area.  If it does, just log into your account and click on "Edit Account", and you will be able to change the pick-up and delivery addresses.

How come part of my order was dropped off a day early?

Pure Cleaners operates on a first-in first-out lot system, but sometimes orders need a little extra TLC.  When that happens, rather than stopping delivery of your order, we send out all of the completed garments that are on the same ticket.  Any remaining garments will be delivered automatically the following day (on schedule).

What is your policy if I am missing a personal item left in a pocket of my garment?

Pure Cleaners will do everything in its power to try to find your missing item.  Our team has been with us for a long time and is very trustworthy.  Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for any item that is removable or not part of the garment.

What should I do if I notice something wrong after I receive my garments?

Dry Cleaning
In the rare case where garments are damaged or lost, please contact us within 48 hours of your delivery.  After 48 hours of delivery, we cannot assume any responsibility for a damaged or missing item.

Wash & Fold Service
Wash & Fold service will be performed with the utmost care and with the highest cleaning standards.  We will also follow your instructions, if given, regarding the washing and drying temperature.  Please note that we are not responsible for reading the cleaning instructions on our Wash & Fold service, therefore we are not responsible for shrinkage, color change, or damage of any kind.  Again, if you have special washing instructions, however, just let us know and we are happy to oblige.

Who carries the liability in case of garment damage or other issues?

Pure Cleaners is liable for incidental damages and loss to articles placed within our care if the customer is not at fault.  Cases where the customer is at fault include (but are not limited to) instances where the customer is aware of special garment treatment but does not use the "Special Instructions" box when placing an order.  Our claims system is based on the American National Standards Institute's “Fair Claims Guide for Consumer Textile Products”.  We take pride in our business knowing that we can provide the highest level of customer service in the dry cleaning industry.

Care information must be attached to all garments that need special cleaning; the suggested way is to attach instructions to the garment(s) with a safety pin so there is no question what needs to be done.  If this information is not present, the customer fails to provide "Special Instructions", the garment is damaged as a result, and the responsibility remains with the customer.  Additionally, if care instructions are followed and the garment or some component part fails, the responsibility is with the manufacturer.  In the later case, your best recourse is to go to the retailer who sold you the item.  Good retail practice requires that a store exchanges a defective item or that the store refunds you for the full price of the garment.

Some stains simply cannot be removed by any known method, and while no one is to blame, there is no remedy.  This fact also holds true of the damaging effects of age on all fabrics.

What is the difference between “Shirts Laundered & Pressed”, “Shirts Cold-Washed”, and “Shirts Dry Cleaned”?

Shirts Laundered & Pressed:  This technique applies to business attire shirts, most shirts that are made of 100% cotton, and shirts that are not bright/dark in color.

Shirts Cold-Washed:  Bright/Dark-Colored shirts are cold-washed.  The difference between normal shirt laundry and cold-wash is the wash temperature.  Also, normal shirt laundry goes through a machine press while cold-washed shirts are hand-ironed, which ensures that they do not have that shine you might see on some garments after they are machine-pressed.  Please see our price list because there is an additional charge for hand ironing.  In summary, the objective with cold-washing is to have your dark/bright colored shirts looking like new for as long as possible.

Shirts Dry Cleaned:  Some shirts require dry cleaning either based on the shirt's label or based on the owner’s request.

Do you have any guarantee?

Pure knows that a dry cleaner is nothing without integrity.  If we make a mistake we will have the decency to stand behind our service… and that is how we earn the trust of our customers:

  • We will always try to inform our clients upfront about what results they can expect from cleaning.
  • If an article is lost or damaged by Pure, we will promptly replace it or reimburse the client based on the maximum insurance on your selected level of cleaning (please see next FAQ).

Of course, we cannot possibly say that each and every piece we clean is returned as new, (although we wish we could).  We can, however, promise that on the rare occasion when things do not go as planned, you will not be left holding the proverbial bag.

What are your policies?

Loss & Damage Policy

Unlike most dry cleaners in Manhattan, Pure Cleaners handles all of our cleaning in our own high-tech facility, which enables us to give your clothing the highest level of care and attention to detail.  It also significantly reduces the risk of lost items.  We exercise utmost precision in processing your order to avoid damage, misplacement, or loss of items.  There will be very rare instances, however, where items may get damaged, misplaced, or lost.  Differences in count or any damages must be reported within 48 hours of delivery accompanied by the invoice.  Pure Cleaners’ liability with respect to any lost or damaged item shall not exceed twenty (20) times our charge for cleaning that garment regardless of brand or condition, excluding leather, suede, and household items, which are at the customer’s own risk at all times, unless a higher value is declared and owner agrees to additional charges.  Pure will need to see a receipt or proof of price before reimbursement.  Most of our competitors will only give up to ten (10) times the cleaning price, but here at Pure we understand that our customers not only spend a lot of money but spend a lot of time to find the right piece of clothing and that is why we go that extra mile to compensate for our mistakes.  Also, please note that for our Deluxe Service we will insure your garment against loss or damage up to forty (40) times.  Pure Cleaners follows standards and policies set forth by the International Fabricare Institute.  These policies are standard to all dry cleaners around the country.

We take that extra step to make sure our staff is honest.  We also train them to watch for valuables left on clothing or in pockets and if anything is found, promptly notify clients regarding their missing valuables.  With that said, Pure Cleaners is not responsible for trimmings, buckles, belts, beads, buttons, or any valuable left in or on your garments, unless a higher value is declared and the owner agrees to additional charges.

Leather/Suede Items Policy

We want our clients to understand that suede and leather garments, being made of animal skins, sometimes have inherent defects that may not be apparent before cleaning.  In addition to the effects of normal wear, there are other conditions you should be aware of.  Some skins may have weak or thin areas that can chafe during processing.  Prior exposure to heat and moisture can make skins tender, stiff, or brittle.  Fading may not be totally corrected by dyeing.  Some stains may not be removable.  Color uniformity cannot be assured if skins are not originally matched evenly.  Heavily soiled linings may not clean satisfactory.  Also, if skins were overstretched in making the garment they may (probably) shrink in cleaning.  We exercise the utmost care in cleaning and processing garments entrusted to us and use the processes that we feel are best suited to the nature and conditions of each individual garment.  Nevertheless, we cannot assume responsibility for inherent weaknesses or defects in materials which may result in tears or development of small holes in fabrics that are not readily apparent prior to processing.  All leather and suede garments are cleaned 100% at the customer's risk, and Pure Cleaners does not accept any responsibility or liability for any damage or fading as a result of the dry cleaning process.

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