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TriBeca's Only Cleaner I Trust

Pure has a great customer first attitude and after using them for almost 6 months I can say that I trust them with my expensive suits ad my wife's dresses. It's not an easy task to earn my trust with our clothes. I recommend you asking for Aqeel if you are a new customer. He just gets"it"... you will understand when you meet or speak to him.

I have tried the other 2 cleaners in the area and were disappointed with both. Is it too much to ask that if there is a missing button you replace it... for free.

TribecaLorne, Citysearch

We Love Pure!

I have been using Pure since they opened. I found them on Google and they offererd me a new customer discount. I live uptown but they pick up and deliver my clothes for Free. They are very friendly and clean everything from our coats, UGG boats, and bedding. Josh is a pleasure and my doormen reccommed this cleaner to other tenants. I even trusted them with my wife's wedding dress.

Dan82 , Citysearch


Just moved to the area about 3 months ago. Loved my dry cleaner in my old area and didn't know who to use when i moved to Tribeca.   Was told by a friend that Pure cleaners was a reliable dry cleaner and have a very friendly new owner.

 don't really have the time to do my laundry or dry cleaning so I use the pickup service they offer. Someone comes, picks up my cloths and i have them the next day.  Can't imagine a more convenient service. I have used them more then a two dozen times and everything has run as smooth as possible. I highly recommend pure cleaners, especially the delivery service.

Blake E., Yelp

we love pure cleaners

I will never go anywhere else. the cleaning is superb and the delivery is quick. Everybody loves them! They have great online service. Great job!

benjiHOLLO, Citysearch


Pure is all about making their customers happy with a great, Green, dry cleaning and tailoring service.

Lucky, Google

Great Service

I have used Pure Cleaners 3 times now & I have always been happy with the service and the quality of the cleaning. Each pick and delivery has been hassle-free. My doorman even likes the delivery guys!

I love the fact that I can sign up for a pick up online, drop my clothes at the front desk downstairs and go on with my day. The last thing I need to worry about is my dry cleaning As far as Ia m concerned they have my business for life!

ad3451, Citysearch


Pure is all about making their customers happy with a great, Green, dry cleaning and tailoring service.

Lucky, Google

My Wedding Dress Savior!

I recently got married and someone spilled red wine all over the back of my dress!!! I know no one ever wears the dress again, but it's my wedding dress and I wanted to save it! Thank god pure cleaners got the stain out. It literally looks like new. And they packed it up for safe keeping as well. They truly are the best!

They also always clean my ugg boots once the NY winters destroy them. They have the magic touch!

  • Pros: Can get stains out of anything!
  • Cons: hm, nothing

Gabby32586, Citysearch

Quality work

Finally a one stop shop for quality dry cleaning and expert tailoring! At Pure Cleaners you know that your garments are well taken care of and it's done on time and with a smile. I would recommend them anytime...pick up and delivery makes it especially easy to use this environmentally responsible neighborhood business.

cynsavino, Citysearch

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